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Applicant Eligibility Guidelines:

  1. Documentation of Income
  2. 6 months of employment history
  3. Gross income must be at least 3x’s the monthly rental rate of the unit you are applying for
  4. If self-employed, provide 2 previous years of Income Tax Returns and/or Bank Statements
  5. Documentation of rental/mortgage history; minimum of last 12 months
  6. If needed, a co-signer must gross 4x’s the monthly rental rate and have good credit
  7. Applicant should have good credit or no credit; based on management discretion
  8. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age

An applicant may be declined due to, but not limited to the following reasons;

  1. False information provided on the application
  2. Negative credit history
  3. Negative rental references
  4. Unable to verify income or rental history
  5. History of eviction or unlawful detainer
  6. Criminal background
  7. Delinquent child support