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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you hold a place before I apply?

    A: We can hold a property for up to 30 days with a signed lease and a paid security deposit.
  • Q: Do I pay first month’s rent and last month’s rent with my security deposit?

    A: Yes.
  • Q: How old do you have to be to apply?

    A: 18 years old.
  • Q: Is the deposit refundable?

    A: Yes.
  • Q: Who needs a cosigner?

  • Q: You have a property I want to rent. How do I apply?

    A: Please call the office at 417.696.1150 to schedule an appointment to view the property.
  • Q: How do I pay rent?

    A: Online, US-PS mail or in person.
  • Q: I want to get a pet. What do I do?

    A: Please contact the office at 417.696.1150 prior to inviting a pet into your unit.
  • Q: I want to move out, but my roommate wants to stay. What do I do?

    A: Please call the office at 417.696.1150 to see if we can accommodate your request.
  • Q: My lease expiration is coming and I want to move out. What do I do?

    A: A 30 day written notice is required. Your notice must be received in our office prior to the 1st day of the month preceding your lease expiration date. Example; Lease expiration is May 31st. Your 30 day written notice must be received in our office no later than April 30th.
  • Q: Who is responsible for paying for repairs & maintenance requests?

    A: An owner is responsible for normal maintenance at your unit. Tenants are responsible for damages, misuse and negligence. Negligence includes not promptly reporting maintenance or repair items.